ACT Burner Benefits Over Competition

  • Exclusive stainless steel firing head produces maximum controlled efficiency in combustion chamber operating at either positive or negative draft conditions
  • Internal combustion air fan design provides quiet, highly efficient “straight line” metered flow.
  • A constant displacement liqud fuel metering system capable of supplying metered fuel flow regardless of changes in liquid viscosity.
  • Rugged construction means long life, dependable operation and reduced maintenance cost. Careful selection of commercially available components which are integrated into a simple package, thoroughly checked prior to shipment. Low power consumption.
  • Highest efficiency is maintained throughout the firing range by using individual servo motors to control the flow of air, fuel , and flue gas independent of each others throughout the firing range. Low excess oxygen levels are maintained while enjoying very low NOx and carbon monoxide emissions. No steam injection or SCR required.
  • High turn-down ratio, typically from 5 to 1, to 10 to 1 with both liquid and gaseous fuels.
  • State-of-the-art micro-processor based burner management systems are standard. Flame safeguard is available in standard NEMA 1 or optional NEMA 4 and NEMA 12 cabinets.
  • ACTI Low NOx Burners can be retrofitted to any existing fire tube and water tube boiler with a minimum amount of mounting plate modifications.