• Our Company

    American Combustion Technologies of California, Inc. (ACTI) offers a series of super low emission burners capable of operating and maintaining below 9 PPM NOx emission levels corrected to 3.0% excess oxygen.
  • Did You Know?

    Our proven Super Low Emission (SLE) burners achieve the lowest NOx emission levels (5 to 9 PPM) and CO emissions (20 to 50 PPM) in the world with the highest operating efficiency. These very low emission levels are achieved while operating the burners at actual oxygen levels of 3.0% or lower maintaining the highest boiler efficiency performance in the world.
  • Operation

    Our burners meet all South Coast Air Quality Management(SCAQMD) requirements. Our SLE burners only require 22% flue gas recirculation to achieve the low emissions of below 9 PPM NOx. Our burner can operate with dual fuels using either light oil, heavy oil or propane while meeting SCAQMD requirement. ACTI covers a long range of burners starting at 400,000 Btu/hr to 250,000,000.00 Btu/hr of operation. ACTI burners can also operate with non-standard fuels such as land fill gas, digester gas, and pyro gases produced from pyrolytic gasification processes.