Renewable Energy

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Our mission is to provide the world with an environmentally and economically practical solution for waste management and renewable energy production.

We are constantly innovating with our customers and providing them worldwide with reliable and high quality solutions that meet their key challenges in waste management supplied through our sister company.

The ACTI Energy Conversion Process is capable of converting waste into renewable energy through an environmentally friendly process. This system provides solutions for several environmental and economic problems facing the world today.

Some of the environmental benefits are:

  • Waste reduction
  • Diversion from landfill
  • Renewable energy
  • Reduced energy consumption costs

Some key economic benefits are:

  • Producing renewable biofuel from waste
  • Producing highly marketable commodities
  • Reducing liability of waste materials, saving energy consumption costs
  • Reducing landfill dependency
  • Reducing dependency on foreign fuel sources

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